the owl lunches with a friend

Do owls lunch I wonder?

This one does – not often – but when she does, she does it well!

  • A lunch date must not be hurried
    – and it must involve delicious tasting food.
  • A lunch date is best with two
    -Two is company, three is a crowd. This allows real, meaningful, conversation within a reasonable ‘lunchtime framework’
  • A lunch date is confidential-What is shared is held in confidence, unless permission is given. And even then it must only be shared carefully and with absolute integrity.

In the past two weeks I’ve had three fabulous lunch dates with different members of the owl parliament – two of which were in a restaurant near the river – and the food fantastically taste-full.  I’m salivating at the memory of the tastes right now. oops!

This owl loves her lunch dates because it gives her the opportunity to learn from other owls. Sometimes the process might feel vulnerable – the little owlet is in the spot light for some of the time, and faces some touch questioning at times – but these lunch dates help me take  stock of where I am and where I want to be, and sometimes gives stepping stones to bridge the gap between the two.

More than that they give me the opportunity to hold a mirror up for my friend – so that they too can see the colour, and the light and shadows in their life- and work out steps that might be taken to maximize the beauty.

It’s a wonderous beautiful thing!

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