Walkabout v Flypast

This owl hasn’t forgotten this place, but she’s been away from the nest for a while. Back now, for a while.

Many birds migrate, including some owls. Others stay close to home. I have no idea if birds ever emigrate – never to return. Perhaps they do because of a changed habitat that becomes inhabitable or because a scarcity of food pushes them out.

Humans leave home for many reasons. In the so called western world they usually leave the parental home to set up home on their own (with or without a partner) and very often they move locations for economic reasons : a new or better job. We don’t usually call them economic migrants but in fact that’s what they /we are.

Others move because the environment can no longer sustain them. Pollution, nuclear fall out, war …all good reasons to move elsewhere.

Today I used the term walkabout v Flypast. For me while both have great intentionality, the former carries some incarnational DNA. When we go on walkabout -it’s less about going it alone – and more about being on a pilgrimage with God, and building relationships along the way. I like that nuance.

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