owl equality

Reading a novel at the moment. One of the characters – a young aristocratic woman of 23 – is denied the opportunity to go to university because she hadn’t been to a good school (the old boys’ network!) and thus was not educated in passing examinations.

She had cried and raged for days, and even now thinking aboutit could still put her in a foul mood. This was what made her a suffragette, she knew girls would never get a decent education until women had the vote.

With all the furor surrounding education in the UK at the moment it seems that 100 years on things haven’t changed much, and indeed  the old boys’ network seems to be stronger than ever, with men of privilege still having the upper hand, particularly in politics. It is amazing to read how many of the current government (esp the cabinet) and their flunkies are old Etonians (or other private schools) – or went to Oxbridge – elected democratically, but when a party only puts forward the same kind of candidate in a first past the post system it’s very a hard system to break.

I wonder if there is better equality in the owl kingdom?

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