image.jpegThe term manic depressive has largely gone out of fashion. We are more used to hearing about bipolar syndrome or dis-order. I’m fairly sure this owl doesn’t have this … I do suffer (sometimes very badly) from SAD (winter depression) and have to make the most of any available daylight and take high dose vitamin D to survive the dark period. Interestingly, I rarely recognise how much I’ve missed the colour and shades if colour that light gives, until spring hits – every sense is opened, and I come alive!

At first this owl has to bask in the light – sniffing in all the aromas, new sounds, and all the different greens of Spring. Then the warmth comes and for me that’s very much a time to recharge….and as I do so a manic spell comes. I become super productive in a really good way. Windows get washed, things that I’ve procrastinated about for months are prioritised. I sleep better (in spite of the light) because I use my body more. And I take a lot more time to BE in more positive ways.

The wisdom of the owl has taught me that this is a good season for me; a real gift. To be unwrapped everyday – sometimes slowly, carefully  with deep anticipation, other days fast and furiously because I can’t wait!

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