clear out!

Clear out!

This can have two very different meanings in English. It can be a synonym for “clear off!” (Go away, get out of here!) but more usually it means to spring clean, declutter.

Yesterday in Helsinki was “siivouspäivä” – literally cleaning day, though clear out day comes closer to the meaning. It’s a day to clear out the closets, under the sink and bed, and set unwanted belongings free! The parks were full of people selling off unwanted stuff – usually for next to nothing- and sometimes the money went to good causes, the Naistenpankki (women’s bank for one) or eg to two young women’s travel fund! I just had to support that!

hesperinpuisto was the best park we went to as its in the wealthier part of the city so the goods being discarded were generally very high quality – but the other park had much more random stuff which was fun!

what I liked most was how organised the set up was. The parks had charity shop vans and recycling skips – so if you didn’t want to sit and sell you could still declutter , and at the end of the day sellers could also donate their goods and avoid recluttering their homes again. And there was a really festive feel to the whole day!

this owl likes decluttering – getting rid of surplus and unwanted posessions is very liberating. Yesterday though I was a buyer – new trousers for 10c (which my friend shortened fir me this morning!) and a couple of new shirts. Best Buy though was a new flask – turquoise – which I’m using today on my way home!

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