The owlet processes

I’m still here -though it’s a month since I last posted. There’s been much to reflect on …and I’m missing my anam cara (soulmate) who helps me with the tough questions.



I love summertime, especially here in Finland. I know most species of owl are dusk/dawn or nighttime creatures, but it’s in strong, warm daylight that I feel most alive. The sun’s natural vitamin D, melatonin and other goodness is good for me …as is the more relaxed pace of life … Long leisurely evenings on the terrace and lazy mornings are so restorative, I find!

I’ve needed this in the wake of Brexit that left me depressed, disillusioned and fearful. I sat in Scotland, watching the votes to leave pour in, too shocked, too numb to do much more than shake my head in despair. And for almost two weeks after I struggled to fall asleep, only to wake up feeling violently and physically sick. For me it’s been akin to watching the rise to power of the fascist right in Germany in the 30s. Until now I’d never really understood how hysteria caused by right wing propaganda can cause a nation to vote in such a off-balance, seemingly patriotic, but actually inherently xenophobic way. I have now seen and experienced it for myself, and I’m fearful of what the next chapters will be – for all humanity!

I know as Christians we owe our loyalty to the King of kings, and we are called to co-build a kingdom so very different from our national and international understanding, but I have to confess that  I’ve reacted badly to Christian friends who seem to have accepted the Brexit decision passively or perhaps even voted for the uk to divorce itself from the greatest peacemaking force Europe has ever known, and ending up seeing the EU as something awful – demonic even -akin to Babylon!

My heart is heavy, even if God is good and the sun is shining and there’s a bright twinkle in my eyes. Keep me in your prayers, and ask for all the qualities of the owl -wisdom, perception and truth, to be in the forefront as I process with God.

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