Meet the Peregrina!

I’ve probably been a pilgrim for most of my life – itchy feet are pretty much a give away aren’t they? …  and for decades I’ve been on the move: roaming, searching, hoping for glimpses of God on the way. It’s part of where the moniker ‘seethroughfaith’ or ‘seeing through eyes of faith’ come from.

One of my dreams for some time now – and it is a dream, not a calling –  is to walk the Pilgrim’s Way: the Camino of St James through northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela. That dream is about to be realised! Earlier this month I booked my flight to San Sebastian and I’ve already been working out how I can travel ‘light’!


.camino badge


In the next four months (May-August) I’ll post some of the adventures as I prepare for the pilgrimage … journey with me, if you are able

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3 Responses to Meet the Peregrina!

  1. Peggy Moore says:

    Oh yes.. I will love to see your pilgrimage my lovely twin birthday sister ❤

  2. Reija says:

    So your pilgrimage has now started. And it won’t be over when you reach Santiago. Buen Camino!

  3. Lorna says:

    Thanks Reija
    You are such an inspiration

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