On the Move …

Airports are a time of waiting, not pilgrimage per se … and that offers time to reflect.

At Helsinki Vantaa airport there’s an amazing room called Kainuu. It’s a quiet more or less undiscovered spot (near passport control) and I love sitting there, especially on the rocking chair!

This morning I headed straight here with a bag full of books for the book swap …it’s a safe space – and I caught an hour’s sleep curled up on the carpeted floor rolled in a blanket … after replenishing the bookshelves. Letting go, and travelling light are, after all, marks of pilgrimage .. and over the years I’ve found the blessing in letting go – even of books!

This trip isn’t a pilgrimage or even a walking holiday per se (though I do hope there will be moments of both) but it is a time of revisiting old haunts and discovering new ones, and I’m excited to see what adventures find me!

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