Yes it’s a bit of a pun.

I’m spending the night on my friend’s’ boat, and tomorrow will walk him (about 22km) with Tinka, our bonus dog, a gorgeous golden retriever as my companion. Before coming on board we sat around enjoying the long, lazy summer nights.

I love this time of year!

Tomorrow’s walk isn’t a hike and isn’t really a pilgrimage either, more of a means to an end, with a plan B to get a local bus part of the way if it gets to be too much for me or Tinka, as it’s been really rather warm and dry fir the last few weeks here in Finland

Right now I’m lying here looking up into the sky at midnight, appreciating the white nights and simultaneously missing the stars.

Yep it’s that marvellous time of year again!

But I’m also looking ahead (in my mind) to September and the Camino. Wondering how it will be, how I will feel, how I will cope with the challenges along the way, and wondering what stories I’ll have to tell …

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