Midsummer Madness : Peregrina Preparation 8

Avaisberg – Home

Companions on the way: Misty and her daughter the ever faithful Tinka

Distance : c. 9km

Time: c. 2 1/2 hours (11:45 – 2pm)

Weather: Good, around 15C, no rain

Clothing trousers, tshirt, fleece (removed after about 5kg)

Rucksack : c 6 1/2 kg including water + belt for dogs and belt for phone, keys etc.

Having tested the sleeping bag etc last night (see previous post) it was time to set out (after a fun-filled leisurely brunch with my friends) with a full rucksack and Misty and Tinka in tow.

The rucksack doesn’t look much in the picture (and it isn’t) but it was bulging, and although very comfortable to carry, I will definitely need a bit more space (for example for a poncho, and some snacks) which means (a) packing better (b) ditching the pillow AND (c) probably investing in a smaller, lighter sleeping bag. (The current one is only 700g, but it doesn’t compress well. I’ll try a compressing bag first (we have one that belongs to a winter sleeping bag) but I’m seriously considering getting a sleeping bag that’s hardly more than a liner as I think it would be warm enough given that I’ll always be sleeping indoors and not camping. Let’s see!)

The walk itself (home) was wonderful. It’s only about 9km, and easy going. This walk was actually the first part (in reverse) of my very first Peregrina Preparatio), and I loved it!

It never feels like a pilgrimage with the dogs, however, (especially when there are two of them) but what made this particular walk so lovely was (a) the weather was near perfect (the rain of yesterday had disappeared and it was sunny, bright, not too windy and not hot) and (b) I was confident enough to improvise on the route a lot and found a lovely trail which meant we didn’t follow the busy road too much.

We covered the distance quicker than I expected.

That is, in part, thanks to my faithful companions. If I speed up a tad their leads don’t get tangled so easily and I’m less likely to trip over them as they speed up too!

Much of the time we were on bike paths or running trails, but because it was the summer solstice (midsummer) today we didn’t see very many people, other than the odd cyclist or runner.There wasn’t much litter en route either, which was great, and what little I did see I mostly left because I found it’s quite tricky to stop to pick up litter with a rucksack on and two dogs attached to me!

We stopped for a cookie and water (dentastick treat for the dogs) about half way …and to make use of the bushes!

When I got home, had unpacked and showered I enjoyed this wonderful lunch!

What a blessed summer solstice this has been!

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  1. Lovely post Lorna. Sleeping bag wise, I took a 2 season bag weighing 0.94kg and it was too warm. A 1 season bag would have been enough. Forget the pillow, you won’t need one. My sleeping bag compression sack doubled as a pillow when turned inside out, but never needed to use it.

  2. Lorna says:

    Good to know

  3. Lorna says:

    Did you take a pillow slip?

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