Sleeping quandaries

Sleeping bags and I just don’t get on!

I’ve used the summer solstice weekend (juhannus=midsummer is an important holiday here in Finland, though not really my favourite as yes it means the longest day is already here … but I digress!) as a camino preparation.

I had planned to walk to my friends’ place yesterday – (it was part of my first Peregrina preparation a couple of months ago) celebrate midsummer’s eve with them, stay overnight and walk home today.

The best laid plans!

The weather forecast was awful yesterday (and every bit as bad in reality) so my friend picked me and my faithful companions up in the afternoon. No walking, (apart from a short walk with dogs between downpours) but we did have a lot of fun.

Then it was time for bed.

I had a room to myself (with dogs) a luxury I won’t have on the Camino. It was warm and dry and I had a good mattress. I wanted to test my Camino gear …so out came the sleeping bag, home made cotton liner and travel pillow. Snuggled up and … well that’s when I was reacquainted with the reality that sleeping bags and I don’t get on. More specifically the way I sleep, the way I toss and turn in my sleep, are severely compromised by the sleeping bag … and within a couple of hours I had got everything in a twist, and needed to find a solution!

In the end, after trying different solutions, the only way I could sort out sleeping properly with the sleeping bag was opening it up and using it as a cover, (still in the liner, like an Egyptian mummy).

I ditched the pillow as it squeaked! That was always going to be a luxury …so I needed take it …a pillowslip will be fine as most places will provide a pillow, so that’s a good learning from this mini Camino.

And I did sleep well in the end. Woken by the dogs at 6am (ignored them!) and then woke naturally at 8am, to bright sunshine …which means I can at least walk home today!

So a decision is made: I won’t take the pillow. But last night’s experience raises the tough question as to whether there is any point taking the sleeping bag with me on the Camino. It’s light, but it does take up a lot of space in my little ruck sack. Is there a good alternative I wonder. (I suspect not)

Plus I’m useless at packing it up again. But that’s another take waiting to be told!

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