337% of target …l

Not really related to walking the Camino, except in the tenuous way of building up fitness and stamina both of which I’m working on … as well as walking even when very tired due to terrible insomnia. Do hope that’s not the norm on my pilgrimage!

Today, according to my polar loop (fit bit type band) I exceeded my daily target at 337%. Thats 36 thousand steps. Or, looking at the app, (which is how I calculate my ‘boots on’ miles for the #1000miliesin2018 challenge, 22km!

Most of the miles (km) today were in connection to the 5k park run up in Tampere. (If you haven’t yet heard of /joined in park run, check it out here

The Tampere park run is the most northerly park run in Europe and currently the only one in Finland. It starts at 9:30 which requires me getting the 6:20 coach from Turku bus-station, and, as I’ve already said most of the distance walked today (other than the 5k I ran in Tampere) have been steps taken getting to /from the park run or walking round in Tampere before and after the run!

Today there were 68 participants today and a team of fabulous, friendly volunteers. I’m enjoying getting to know them … and some of the participants who go for coffee post run and both are, in some ways, akin to what I imagine a camino family would be like: supportive and present for any another.

So today I didn’t go on a pilgrimage but I did end up walking 22km, five of which were at running speed. I made a PB this time 36:53 …not bad for an older Peregrina, though I’m exhausted now, and hoping for a good night’s sleep tonight!

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  1. Peggy Moore says:

    Well done Lorna!!! You are reaching or exceeding your goals each day!!! What a lovely day with this new family you now have xxx
    Prayers for you now as you continue to prepare and prayers for your pilgramage yet to come xoxo
    Peggy :)

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