Travelling Light

I used to be good -really good – at travelling light, but recently I seem to have lost the knack, and somehow I’m going to have to find the minimalistic mojo again in order to succeed at walking the Camino.

I’m currently sitting at Arlanda airport in Stockholm, on my way to Manchester …for Derbyshire and Yorkshire – and hoping there that I’ll manage to get at least one long distance walk in while I’m there, though not with all my luggage!!!

I AM travelling hand luggage only, (honest!) and with the airline I’m with this time that means a maximum of 8kg in one bag.*

Given that England is experiencing a bit of a heatwave you’d have thought packing minimalistically would have been easier than ever, wouldn’t you? Think again! It might have been except I’m planning to do two park runs while I’m away (Derby and Sheffield) and I suddenly realised that that meant I needed to pack running shoes, a sports bra and indeed running gear. (None of which I’ll need on the Camino) Oh dear!

* I’ve fudged the one bag rule a bit as I’m carrying my book, I have a belt bag with phone and passport in, and a tiny rucksack with my bottle, reading classes and a sandwich. (No one has commented on this yet, and with one flight (out of three) already behind me, I think it’s going to be ok!)

My aim for the Camino is to have less than 6kg in ONE rucksack (28l) … as the recommendation is not to carry much more than 10% of your body weight but I’m not convinced I can get to that! That said my friend thought I could do it …and if he’d left his camera gear out when travelling around Asia on sabbatical he’d carried only 3.5kg. Grrr …it’s probably sexist thinking, but is travelling light actually easier for men?

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  1. No, us men suffer from exactly the same problems. Don’t stress too much about it as you can always send things home (expensive) or forward things on to Santiago (cheaper) and pick them up when you arrive in SdC.

  2. Lorna says:

    You are an inspiration

    I need to nail this travelling light thing tho!

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