Peregrina preparatio 10 1/2

This wasn’t really a pilgrimage … but was definitely preparation for my Camino.

Two days

13km + 3 km of walking with Tinka

2 ferries

1 long bus journey (and a car journey on the way there)

Overnight at my friends’ summer place – in a comfy bed!

Tinka and I set out on the latest adventure yesterday on a short free ferry ride from Kustavi … crouching in the only shade on the vessel .. we then began walking … it wasn’t a difficult walk, not particularly hilly, but it was hot and we searched for the shade as much as we can … stopping every now and then for water!

The archipelago region is really lovely …

My friend walked to meet us …about a kilometre from our destination. A very welcome sight!

We had a lovely 24 hour’s with our friend … nice food, long chats, time to read our books, swim in the warm Baltic Sea and relax in the sauna … and although the weather is hot, hot, hot …sitting in the shade was pleasant and electric fans and open windows (with mosquito netting) kept the summer cabin cool enough to sleep well.

Then we were on the road home … the same walk in reverse, ferry, then onto unfamiliar ground … the road from the ferry to the small archepelagic fishing village of Kustavi. I was in search of an ice cream and a coffee shop …and found both, the cafe offering water to Tinka and a nice place to wait for the bus home.

Before that we’d stopped off at the church … and also visited the tiny local museum.

Tinka wasn’t keen on the bus … where I’m writing this … and we have a further 3km to walk before we are in tonight’s accommodation : home!

As I said already this didn’t feel like a pilgrimage … but it was definitely great preparation, particularly carrying quite a full backpack in hot conditions. I’m learning that sunscreen and a cap are a must … my backpack is great as it has an air vent system which means my back doesn’t get sweaty (it works!) sadly the dog belt isn’t good in that respect but I prefer it to holding a lead on long walks!

Tinka is a great companion … but on reflection I’m glad to be doing the Camino solo!

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2 Responses to Peregrina preparatio 10 1/2

  1. Peggy Moore says:

    What a lovely post! I am so glad your airvent on your backpack works well for your Camino pilgrimage! That is wonderful news. Well done both you and Tinka xx

  2. Lorna says:

    Tinka is a hero … when we got home I showered her down – top to toe – and again 45 minutes later as she was so hot. I headed for the shower too. Thank goodness the bus was air conditioned :)

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