This sun lover : Dreaming of the Camino and cooler temperatures!

I’ve dreamt of walking the Camino for at least a decade possibly two! Though I can’t actually remember where I first heard about this particular pilgrimage – or the amazing networks of routes all leading to Santiago de Compostela, I have indeed walked in the steps of saints and pilgrims before, most recently walking the final leg of the St Cuthbert’s way across to Lindisfarne as the tide was receding. (More on that another time)

Today I’m lying on my bed here in Turku … not walking in any one’s steps … it’s too hot! it’s another stifling plus 30 C day here in southern Finland and I’m wondering how on earth people walk long distances in this heat! I walked 18km (in many stages) on Monday … with long gaps between walks, and lots of cool drinks as well …, but it was exhausting, and left me zapped of energy. Yesterday I managed only 7km and Today my tally is at 7.5 km … 5km (run) early this morning with Tinka my favourite faithful compansionn and then later to the supermarket and back for “essentials” ! It’s enough, but hardly ideal prep for the long walks on consecutive days that lie ahead!

When I dreamt of doing the Camino, I always envisioned myself setting off in early May .. and walking until mid June … but the reality is I’m setting off in six weeks time in early September and I’m really hoping it’s going to be a lot cooler weather, though I’d still be happy if the sun is shining and the rain holds off.

Meanwhile here in Finland I’ve rediscovered ice cream!

This was a new flavour (to me): pink peppermint, and it helped cool me down (for a few minutes at least).

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