Meet Josef from Switzerland

He’s walked here from Lourdes, France.

He walked the Camino Francés 16 years ago, and this time took a difference route to León!

I met Josef at dinner last night (he was staying elsewhere) and it was he who recommended Ave Fenix, an alternative albergue on the outskirts of VillaFranca, to me.

Josef found the pilgrimage through France to be pretty demanding, and therefore he chose not to take an alternative up-down technically demanding Camino to Santiago and took the somewhat familiar route instead.

Josef likes maps (as do I) and he told me that it’s necessary for him not only to know where he is … but where he’s come from, and where he will head next.

When we looked at the big map together (Burgos to León is on the other side) we nodded and agreed “we’ve come a long way!” And it’s 200km or less to Santiago de Compostela now! Amazing.

Josef told me the weather forecast for tomorrow is good, but it’s not forecast to last. Let’s hope I can get over that big mountain (and down again) in the dry!

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  1. Try and make the evening mass at the church at OCeberio if you can. The priest is amazing – that’s all I’m saying as I don’t want to give away any spoilers.

  2. Lorna says:

    I stopped at La Faba … too hard a climb from Villafranca …

  3. We stopped at the next town of La Laguna and caught a taxi to the church

  4. Lorna says:

    Nice idea …

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