Day 32: Villafranca del Bierzo – La Faba

I wasn’t in the best of moods this morning. For the first time on the Camino I felt far from home, and not everything was right with the world, more specifically I wasn’t doing well. I’d slept really badly … in an all women dorm so it wasn’t the snoring … this is why!

As you can see I got bitten badly on my face and ears, and fingers (eaten alive is what it feels like) and all night long I tossed and turned thinking of bed bugs and fleas. I kept turning on my torch to look for evidence, but found nothing, but of course I itched all over.

Finally it was morning and I went to speak to the hospitaler who looked at the bites. She determined no they weren’t caused by bed bugs and her boyfriend then treated them with what felt like neat Dettol! They gave me some mosquito spray so I sprayed everything before packing up and setting off!

The walk out of Villafranca was made easy by my excursion yesterday but I missed the point where you can choose which route (scenic, normal or the newly opened so called dragon ‘rural remote’ route, so I ended up walking along the road. In retrospect that was actually the best choice, as, although I’d have loved the views from the scenic route, it was barely light and the walk later on today was technically demanding.

I loved the walk through the villages of Valcarce: Portela, Vega, as well as Ruitelan. They had the feel of holiday towns (a bit like Matlock or a skiing village in the alps! ) but my favourite of all was the lovely Herrerias. I would have stayed there had this been open!

It was closed because today is a public holiday … a three day weekend!

But I’d made up my mind to start the climb up to O’Cebreiro today … it was tough (really tough!) but I made it up to La Faba (a lovely albergue run by Germans) . Tomorrow there’s still a hard climb ahead, but the effort today should make it doable!

The village was pretty and it is really welcoming.

My friends from Germany had already sussed out the better of the two bars (with the wonderfully eccentric English Nigel) and have arranged that we will eat here tonight. I love this German efficiency!

That the albergue is run by Germans is clear too … plenty of pegs, toilet paper and hot water. Love it!

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4 Responses to Day 32: Villafranca del Bierzo – La Faba

  1. Reija says:

    La Faba and that albergue run by Germans is where Sara and I stayed an extra night because I was doing so badly and suffered from dehydration. I was so thankful for such a neat and safe place for extra rest. Are your bites gone now?

  2. Lorna says:

    My bites are healing and no new ones (thank goodness) and today I’m in Filobal (Filoval) and I’ve put everything in a hot wash (just in case) … the sun is shining but if it doesn’t dry in time for bed there’s a dryer too

    My German Camino friend Daniel recommended this tiny village (instead of going down into Triacastela) the albergue is lovely (only 12 pilgrims in two rooms) and the boys were already checking the quality of the beer and the menu for tonight

    Daniel lives in Bavaria … so when he talks of home I think of you in Ulm. I hope to meet him again after this …

  3. Reija says:

    We are almost in Bavaria, it’s across the river from us :) What a good reason for you to come to Germany, to meet him… and me!

  4. Lorna says:

    Yes, that’s what I was thinking. And I’d like to do some hiking as well … let’s see!

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