Meet my German Camino family

Somehow I’ve been adopted by them. Two speak no English … but luckily Daniel (left) does … though his comments ‘oh this is a bit boring’ crack me up. We are also joined by a German lady (Kristin) and wondering where our Swiss German friend Josef has gone.

It’s only 5pm but I think we’re holding onto this table until dinner! So German … we will be reserving sun beds next :) …

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2 Responses to Meet my German Camino family

  1. Peggy Moore says:

    Looked dry…hopefully it was. I am sorry about all tour bites!!! Eeekkkk!!!! Hooe the mosquito spray works and the solution they applied stopped the itching. Well done you…you keep doing marvelous no matter what the circumstances xxxx
    Continuing to pray for dry weather. Enjoy your German friends :)

  2. Lorna says:

    Your prayers were answered. It stayed dry all the way up …and rained only while we were waiting to be checked in … then stopped so I didn’t get wet on way to the cafe either

    And today dry all the way and now sunny ….I have everything in machine (because of the bites … I want to make sure no bugs or eggs are hiding!) … and of course want it to dry well for tomorrow (there’s a dryer too if needed,)

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