Happy pilgrims meet up

Marilee squealed when I entered the albergue where she was having a bite to eat. I snagged a bed for the night and rushed back down so we could have a quick chat before she headed back out.

She had parted ways with Emilio (who is probably in Santiago now) and Noel and met Ellen (my German Camino friend who is a fashion designer!) and told me that in Ellen had met the RC bishop of xxx in her albergue and he would be celebrating a special mass in Santiago on Saturday afternoon. It sounds like a lot of his diocese is with him.

Ellen Marilee and I will be in Santiago together. They’ve already made reservations (hotels) but I haven’t done anything yet. I had hoped to meet Marieana there (and still might).

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One Response to Happy pilgrims meet up

  1. Peggy Moore says:

    Brilliant Lorna!!!! How exciting to have a squalid from a dear friend in a new city!!!
    So many special joys throughout your pilgramage ❤
    Continuing to pray every day throughout the days for you and the other xxxx

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