Meanwhile Amsterdam

It’s full of people, hectic, noisy but incredibly beautiful … made more so by being here with my beautiful daughter.

We arrived at the busy airport within 30 minutes of each other (and I had to wait for my bag as the airline insisted I check it in – for free – because the flight was full, but also because I had a walking pole and Santiago de Compostela (because of the sheer volume of walkers with walking poles) don’t allow them through security.) Everything worked out fine though I hadn’t packed my rucksack to be checked in … so the straps weren’t tied back etc, but it survived anyway. Thank goodness. I’ve got quite attached to my house on my back!

I don’t know how long the flight was as I slept almost the whole way … (I left for the airport at 5am!) but remember seeing a wonderful sunrise above the clouds at one point. And as we were closing in on the Netherlands I started talking to the passenger sitting next to me .. his wife and he were pilgrims too and we reminisced together.

Sadly the sun didn’t stay with me to Amsterdam but it has been considerably warmer here today than in Galacia and while I wasn’t on a specific Camino and I most definitely didn’t spot even one yellow arrow to follow, darling daughter and I walked miles, and me even further trying to find my air b n b in North Holland this evening,

All’s well that ends well and the air b n b was worth the effort but an early night is needed (for both of us) as we have a busy day of sightseeing and shopping ahead of us tomorrow.

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4 Responses to Meanwhile Amsterdam

  1. Peggy Moore says:

    Wonderful Lorna!!!! Enjoy your daughter and your time in Amsterdam xxxx Happy walking!
    Hugs from across the pond xoxo

  2. Barbara Pulkkinen says:

    Happy times in Amsterdam! I liked Rembrandt’s house very mch. The audio guide was so good.
    Greetings from the pool. It’s a dark and dull day here in Turku.

  3. Barbara Pulkkinen says:

    We did a short train ride to Haarlem and it was well worth it

  4. Lorna says:

    What made it worth while? What did you see?

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