Disoriented …

Finns don’t smile in public or greet one another (at least at this time of year). That was the first observation back home today! The exception are dog owners … they at least acknowledged me, and a few even smiled! When I smiled at other people they scowled as if I was the crazy one! Grin!

November is dark … but today wasn’t as dark as I feared, though it got dark very early this afternoon and that caught me by surprise!

Our house isn’t quite as warm and cosy as I remembered, but that’s because it’s not that cold outside yet so the winter heating hasn’t quite kicked in! The temperature will drop to zero on Thursday.

Seven weeks of walking resulted in no weight lost (or gained) though I do feel trimmer. Walking also isn’t ideal prep for running, as I found out today too … I felt like I was almost back to square one – not quite run 1 week 1 of C25K but close! – time to get back into the running groove that kept the SAD at bay last year and helped get me prepared (stamina and fitness wise) for the Camino … my hope is that it will be good this winter too, though now I’ve found out I can run I definitely prefer running outdoors to pounding on the treadmill. Tomorrow I’ll brave the outdoors I think – before the ice descends!

The best thing so far about being back in Finland was the sauna at the pool! Gloriously hot and steamy and a quiet space to sit and think. Bliss!

I’m deliberately laying low for a few days to adjust being back, and zealously guarding my diary too! One of the things I’ve learnt on the Camino is that I need to do less and need more time alone to think, reflect and write.

Oh and I feel a declutter coming on too!

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2 Responses to Disoriented …

  1. When i came back I found the lack of acknowledgement strange too. I kept wanting to say Buen Camino to everyone, but just limited it to Hello or Good Morning. I still do it, but not very often get a response. Decluttering is good: How much stuff do you really need anyway :)

  2. Peggy Moore says:

    Welcome home Lorna… always keep smiling :) it is a joy within wanting to Express itself…enjoy your sauna, pups, hubby, declutter, time alone and to think..also outdoors running! I agree it is better than the treadmill. But thankfully the treadmill in 2018 started you put well… blessings xxxx

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