Learning to see colour in the dark

November is dark in Finland. I knew this, I hadn’t forgotten it, but I had forgotten how grey that can make everything. It’s as if the darkness bleaches out all the colour. That’s what depression does too, even if it’s not so deep as to make everything completely black it makes the world seem monochrome!

Some of my favourite pictures are black and white … and I particularly like those where the artist pulls out one thing and colours it. The iconic scenes from London the red double decker on Westminster bridge, or the red postbox by Hyde Park Corner are just fabulous.

I also particularly love this heart-breaking scene in Schindler’s List where Spielberg uses the same technique .

So today I’ve been applying that way of zooming in on detail in my own life. There is colour out there. It’s almost obscured by the darkness … but if I look for it I can find it here and there!

Earlier this week I bought some fat balls for our bird feeder. I spied a sock thing full of seeds that worked out a lot cheaper too so I invested in that. There are still red berries on our daughter’s graduation tree and I hoped if I got the bird food out now, the birds would still come. And they have …

Another thing that brings colour to my life are our crazy pack of goldens. We have five at the moment as our daughter and her puppy are still here, so it’s especially crazy at the moment.

Tinka – my bonus dog – is the most colourful of the five!

I learnt on the Camino that it’s not only what I see that matters … using my other senses can add to my sense of well being. And right now our daughter has pizza dough making in the bread machine. She reinstituted a family tradition of “pizza perjantai” while I was on the Camino and hubby was keen not to let that drop now I’m home … and our pizzas will be full of colour too!

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2 Responses to Learning to see colour in the dark

  1. Peggy Moore says:

    Lovely Lorna! ❤
    I know the color you describe..here I went out past daylight but before black set in…I thought to myself..aww i won’t find anything new this trip around my neighborhood as it is grey..it was as you said monochrome. But to my huge surprise I came across dating Geese whom we haven’t seen in a long while..so a wonderful find plus they dove off the small bridge, splashing into the bit of water below and there was the most beautiful sight.. they were romantically swimming together in the moonlight.
    Thank you for this post. Our Oklahoma does have daylight but our grass turns beige and trees grey. Bleak.. Well done on the new family Pizza Perjantai tradition and ‘color’ xxx

  2. Lorna says:

    Pizza is in the making now …but daughter isn’t joining us. She’s off downtown to see her friend. All the more for us, according to hubby :)

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