Fearless or Fear Less ?

I have an amazingly artistic friend, Minna, who,amongst other things over the years, has helped me in terms of shifting my own poor imagine of “not being creative” to recognising I am creative in different ways.

That shift in my thinking has been enormous … in terms of both embracing my love of crafting words and taking photographs and recognising both are media that I use to paint life albeit on a different canvas to artists who paint and sketch!

I’ve been back in Finland for almost a week now, and I’m missing the Camino a lot. I’m missing the walking, I’m missing the ease of meeting new people, I’m missing the variety of scenes and scenery, and I’m missing the sunshine! But I’m handling it quite well. Having processed a lot of this in advance has meant that I’ve been forearmed … but I had forgotten how tired the November darkness makes me! I could easily go to be at 7:30 or 8 every night and sleep for at least 12 hours! Ha. It’s this time of year I identify most with bears and can understand their desire to hibernate!

On Friday this week, for the first time since I’ve come home, I went out. I can thank the aforementioned Minna foe the invitation. She was holding a new moon soirée at a mutual friend’s cafe … I love Minna Twice’s voice, her vocals are beautiful and the lyrics always touch me … so it wasn’t as hard as it might have been to get myself dressed up and go out. I’m glad I did.

Without knowing (or at least without being conscious of it) Minna’s play list refused to come together and instead songs insisted on presenting themselves! What hit me was that almost all of the early songs spoke of stars and starlight … and I was instantly transported back to the Mesetas …to those endless vast skies full of the brightest stars that went on for every, and the full moon that illuminated my way and made me pirouette so many times I felt giddy!

Then Minna sang a song (new to me) that stopped me in my tracks. She called it Fearless or Fear Less (take your pick!) …but I only heard the invitation to hold my head high and stretch my imagination.

What was amazing was that I felt (rather than observed) everyone there collectively sit up a bit straighter, hold their heads a bit higher, and indeed think big or as Minna put it stretch our imaginations.

We don’t always see instant results to our responses, but I felt something change “in the heaven-lies” … a kind of empowerment as we dared fear less!

Stretch out your imagination

As far as you can

Hold your head up high,

Keep an eye on the sky

Hold your head up high and listen

The lyrics themselves are very powerful … in part because of the reminder to LISTEN : to listen to one’s inner voice, and to listen to the other person!

Part of the post Camino journey for me is about finding what the priest I met from Taiwan, Fr James / Jacob, called the Camino of Life. To do that I need to carve our space to listen well.

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