Living more simply

One of the biggest reverse culture shocks so far post Camino is realising how much stuff I have -much if which I barely use!

I walked for almost two months, carrying all I needed on my back (and even then didn’t actually need the first aid kit -thank goodness- or the extra pair of shorts! Now back home I agonised over what to wear for work today … too much to choose from (and some I’ve shrunk out of anyway!).

So operation declutter : reduce, recycle is underway. I haven’t actually tackled my wardrobe yet … but I’ve worked through three junk drawers (reduced what was in there by about a third and sorted and organised what I kept) … it’s a great start.

What I like about this chart is it makes decluttering and tidying easier because it’s set down as doable stages. Well some of it is! There’s no way I can purge my closet in one go, but by taking the ‘one drawer’ ‘one cabinet’ ‘one shelf’ approach it becomes not only doable, but for me very therapeutic!

I’m focusing on the living areas and our bedroom first, as darling daughter did the fridge and the pantry while I was on the Camino, and our kitchen cabinets were purged earlier this year … the really big job will be my office, but I’ll probably postpone doing that until the new year …unless everything is easier and goes much quicker than I anticipate.

Hubby and I did the bike shed in the summer (with help from our offspring when we loaded new logs for this winter).

I’d really like to have fewer possession, less stuff and live a more simplistic life. But that’s somehow much harder than it sounds … but there are small adjustments that I can make and stick to. Not stockpiling food is one, reducing toiletries is another. I use very little in the way of cosmetics and smellies and I’m trying to get out the message to family and friends that I appreciate experiences over gifts. Come with me to a museum or art gallery, Take me for a coffee; come to the cinema and discuss the film over a drink; me at a park run; invite yourself over to help walk Tinka and the gals, … etc etc all these things make me very happy, and are much much better than buying me stuff. It’s time with people I appreciate the most!

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  1. Peggy Moore says:

    I agree Lorna xxx
    Experiences and time together are priceless xx
    Glad you have projects and enjoying simplifying your life ❤🤗😘

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