Cherishing “icebugs”

We can’t change the weather conditions but we can do our best to equip ourselves to ‘weather the storms’. For me, at this time of year, that means wrapping up well and dealing with icy conditions.

I walk a lot (today I walked 12 km in total, yesterday 14km) Most of the walking is by choice, but I’m also obliged to walk one or more of our dogs most days, and that means come rain or shine, heatwaves or extreme cold snaps, I have to go outdoors. Walking is usually a joy but I do struggle in adverse conditions – particularly in the winter with the snow and ice, and very cold temperatures when your eyelashes freeze and it’s hard to breathe!

This week winter proper began to arrive and it’s been below 0C every night. What’s more, the pedestrian bridge near our home had a thin layer of black ice on it this morning (long after the sun came up), and trust me when I say that that’s no fun when you are running with a golden retriever!

Three years ago I bought my first pair of ‘icebugs’ … aka winter boots with spikes. They are like winter tyres, and offer a lot more grip for us two legged creatures! My icebugs are a prized possession because have made a huge difference in my winter existence.They aren’t cheap, of course, but for me they are worth every penny as I feel much more secure when walking in winter conditions than I used to.

Those original boots are still going strong (though the zip occasionally works itself loose) and (after getting the worn spikes replaced) are still perfect for forest trips and walking the dogs. I also invested in a second pair of icebugs in the sales. The second pair are a bit smarter style (for city wear etc).

Our daughter walks the dogs far more than I do. One of the advantages of my having two pairs of icebugs last winter was that when she was home from Italy she could borrow mine.

Today she got studded boots of her own. They aren’t the icebug brand, but this stylish alternative make were much more comfortable for her narrow feet and offered good ankle support.

So here’s to our winter dog hikes in 2018-2019! Can’t wait … though I hope we’ll have sunshine too!

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