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The term manic depressive has largely gone out of fashion. We are more used to hearing about bipolar syndrome or dis-order. I’m fairly sure this owl doesn’t have this … I do suffer (sometimes very badly) from SAD (winter depression) … Continue reading

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Kingdom living

Owls are generally solitary animals – but when they do come together they are known as a parliament of owls because of their shared wisdom. That’s an important collective benefit for us humans too. Owls are – in some respects … Continue reading

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the suffragette owl

I watched the film The Suffragette for the third time last night. It’s a film that grows on you – and each time I’ve watched it, I’ve seen and learned something new. And it’s made me think – a lot! … Continue reading

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owl equality

Reading a novel at the moment. One of the characters – a young aristocratic woman of 23 – is denied the opportunity to go to university because she hadn’t been to a good school (the old boys’ network!) and thus … Continue reading

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the owl thinks

Not so long ago I did a short (online course) called Literature and Mental Health : reading for well being. It was run by Warwick University (UK) under the Future Learn umbrella. This owl is a bookworm. Reading is one … Continue reading

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owl wisdom

One of the power qualities of the owl is wisdom. We don’t actually know if owls really are wise – at least by human definition.What we do know is that animals – owls included – generally have good survial instincts … Continue reading

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owl feast

An owl feast … According to the urban dictionary it’s a real term – who’d have thought? :) “A meal that you have late at light/really early in the morning (between midnight and 3am). This feast is usually had by … Continue reading

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