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On the Otherside of the Dark Side …

That’s one way of approaching November. It’s always dark, but this year darker than ever as it’s drizzled or rained non stop since I got back and it’s been terribly grey. Today, however, the sun tried to break through and … Continue reading

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Living more simply

One of the biggest reverse culture shocks so far post Camino is realising how much stuff I have -much if which I barely use! I walked for almost two months, carrying all I needed on my back (and even then … Continue reading

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Fearless or Fear Less ?

I have an amazingly artistic friend, Minna, who,amongst other things over the years, has helped me in terms of shifting my own poor imagine of “not being creative” to recognising I am creative in different ways. That shift in my … Continue reading

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Learning to see colour in the dark

November is dark in Finland. I knew this, I hadn’t forgotten it, but I had forgotten how grey that can make everything. It’s as if the darkness bleaches out all the colour. That’s what depression does too, even if it’s … Continue reading

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Things I learnt about myself on the Camino

I don’t need tea to kick start my day! In actual fact I didn’t drink tea throughout the Camino and I haven’t had a cup since I got back. I don’t miss it, but old habits die hard and yesterday … Continue reading

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While we wait in line

I saw what follows on Facebook … it’s about leaving this world, and what we do with the time we have. In some ways it echoes what I learnt, felt and experienced on the Camino. I was never the first … Continue reading

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Disoriented …

Finns don’t smile in public or greet one another (at least at this time of year). That was the first observation back home today! The exception are dog owners … they at least acknowledged me, and a few even smiled! … Continue reading

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