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Refusal of Time

I love the title of this exhibition (at the Bild Museet / museum of arts and design at Umeå University) and the book that accompanied the exhibition was amazing too! The exhibition itself was far too busy for me – … Continue reading

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Then and Now and other stories

I went to the Tampere Art Gallery today. The main focus of many of the current exhibitions in Finland at the moment is the Finnish Civil War (1918, the centenary is this year). It’s not something I know much about, … Continue reading

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Fearless or Fear Less ?

I have an amazingly artistic friend, Minna, who,amongst other things over the years, has helped me in terms of shifting my own poor imagine of “not being creative” to recognising I am creative in different ways. That shift in my … Continue reading

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Museum of ContemporaryArt (Santiago)

And then for something different, I’d heard about this museum and its exhibition but nonetheless I stumbled upon it by chance. The layout inside is a bit bizarre but the exhibition I saw was both stunning and thought provoking. The … Continue reading

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More preparations and a new start …

It’s August already, and in this part of Finland the teachers have gone back to school already, and the pupils will follow them on Wednesday. It’s a new start for them, and I feel a new start for me too! … Continue reading

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Today I did this This is the rucksack which will accompany me on my pilgrimage. I’ve had it for about a year, so we are already good friends though it’s mostly come with me on bus journeys to other cities … Continue reading

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the suffragette owl

I watched the film The Suffragette for the third time last night. It’s a film that grows on you – and each time I’ve watched it, I’ve seen and learned something new. And it’s made me think – a lot! … Continue reading

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owls and polar bears

it’s all about going over the lines This owl is interested in so many things it makes her dizzy sometimes, and it can be overwhelming. After a week away – in southern sunny climbs – she’s resisted picking up the … Continue reading

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the owl and the Artist – 3

It was too cold to sit and sip coffee really, but she persevered. The wooden bench was cold. There was no warmth for it –or her – to hang onto yet. She savoured the last dregs of her coffee – … Continue reading

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The owl responds … to fasting

 The Lenten discipline of Hungering for Life has really helped me enter into a flow – into what, and where, I do not know. But the journeying is good, very good. I feel as if I’ve grown new, healthy, strong … Continue reading

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