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Awesome Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a vibrant city. Yesterday I walked 17km – far more exhausting that 17 Camino km!- but lovely nonetheless. Whereas the Camino was almost a cash only environment – Amsterdam is the complete opposite – the supermarket didn’t take … Continue reading

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owl feast

An owl feast … According to the urban dictionary it’s a real term – who’d have thought? :) “A meal that you have late at light/really early in the morning (between midnight and 3am). This feast is usually had by … Continue reading

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the owl and the Artist – 3

It was too cold to sit and sip coffee really, but she persevered. The wooden bench was cold. There was no warmth for it –or her – to hang onto yet. She savoured the last dregs of her coffee – … Continue reading

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The owl responds … to fasting

 The Lenten discipline of Hungering for Life has really helped me enter into a flow – into what, and where, I do not know. But the journeying is good, very good. I feel as if I’ve grown new, healthy, strong … Continue reading

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all quiet on the owl front

All quiet on the owl front? Not a bit of it! It’s been manic in this corner of the owl world in the best possible way! One of my friends taught me about flow charts a few weeks ago. I’m … Continue reading

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two worlds: a reflection

On a snowy bench, in Naantali The two worlds did not collide Nor was the darkness blinded by the Light But as the wind blew through my hat and the weak sun kissed my face I sensed His Presence There … Continue reading

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the owl and the Artist -2

Are owls spontaneous I wonder. Do they pack up their bags and head off into the great unknown without much thought or a lot of preparation. Those two things are not mutually bound of course. Perhaps the owl – and … Continue reading

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