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Day 6 Pamplona to Muruzábel

Today’s walk was quite tough going. The climb from Cizir Menor (where Marene and I stopped for coffee) was quite brutal ,,. And the weather was sunny and very hot! I stopped off at S.Andreas church in Zariquieque, and also … Continue reading

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Pilgrims’ Mass at Roncesvalles

I was overwhelmed by the blessing of the pilgrims at the end of the mass in Roncesvalles. The elderly priest read out a list of every country that pilgrims staying at the monastery tonight were from, including Finland. He then … Continue reading

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… and so it begins

I’m sitting on a wonderful little terrace taking a moment to reflect on today. It’s not been without its adventures … and while it’s only 12 hours since I left home this morning, I feel like I’ve stepped into a … Continue reading

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Prayers for the journey

I sent out a request to friends earlier this week asking if they’d be willing to commit to praying for me during my pilgrimage … and have been overwhelmed at the response. There are now at least two pray-ers for … Continue reading

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Peregrina Preparatio 8 : Milldale – Ashbourne (Derbyshire)

Today’s walk (in beautiful rural Derbyshire)took me by surprise by turning into a pilgrimage. There’s a heatwave in the UK at the moment, so I travelled light, with a tiny backback (for the water and map), and it was definitely … Continue reading

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owl feast

An owl feast … According to the urban dictionary it’s a real term – who’d have thought? :) “A meal that you have late at light/really early in the morning (between midnight and 3am). This feast is usually had by … Continue reading

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2014/5 : Turku Cathedral, the beggar

This photo was taken by accident. I post it as a reminder to me to think this through. Throughout Christmastide (perhaps because of the showing of the magnificent nativity from Italy) there has been a beggar at the door of … Continue reading

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