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More from León

We went to vespers and mass at the tiny church which is part of the Dominican Convent – Monastery. It was very moving … with the nuns singing! The priests gave each of us a blessing And at 9pm we … Continue reading

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Burgos Cathedral

Burgos Cathedral was amazing. As Liza, Mariena and I were waiting for the pilgrims’ mass this evening we talked about Ken Follet’s novel Pillars of the Earth which is about the impact the building of a cathedral had on a … Continue reading

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Day 6 Pamplona to Muruzábel

Today’s walk was quite tough going. The climb from Cizir Menor (where Marene and I stopped for coffee) was quite brutal ,,. And the weather was sunny and very hot! I stopped off at S.Andreas church in Zariquieque, and also … Continue reading

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owl feast

An owl feast … According to the urban dictionary it’s a real term – who’d have thought? :) “A meal that you have late at light/really early in the morning (between midnight and 3am). This feast is usually had by … Continue reading

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13/2013: the throne

We believe … On the third day he rose again; he ascended into heaven, he is seated at the right hand of the Father and he will come to judge the living and the dead. (Apostles’ Creed) (New Central Methodist … Continue reading

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173. Passing on the flame

Sheffield was once the home of the British Steel Industry and famous for its stainless steel. This candle holder was made locally (from pewter I think). Yesterday the Sophia network met up and joined Sheffield District (Methodists) who are praying … Continue reading

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129. open gate prayer space

Opengate Lindisfarne, community of St Aiden and St HIlda, has a semi-private crypt chapel where midday (12 noon) and evening (9pm) prayers are held every day. It was a real place of sanctuary and peace. I especially liked the tritarian … Continue reading

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