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Pilgrim Dinner (solo) at Samos

On Alan’s advice I went to ‘the other’ restaurant opposite the monastery albergue in Samos … I was not disappointed place mat “Firstplate” “second plate” Desert Given the waitress and owner only spoke Spanish, I was rather glad that my … Continue reading

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An award: the best presented food on the Camino m

I loved the food at San Antonio de Padua this evening. It looked really good and tasted fantastic. Everything was vegetarian and made with local produce too. And the chef invited me into the kitchen to see how he made … Continue reading

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Not lost … found! Counting my blessings!

I thought I’d lost my (gifted) replacement sunglasses in León, but no, they were in the pocket of my shorts! Hurrah! There are many blessings on the Camino. A lovely American, Emilio, summed it up as I’m always happy when … Continue reading

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This sun lover : Dreaming of the Camino and cooler temperatures!

I’ve dreamt of walking the Camino for at least a decade possibly two! Though I can’t actually remember where I first heard about this particular pilgrimage – or the amazing networks of routes all leading to Santiago de Compostela, I … Continue reading

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the owl lunches with a friend

Do owls lunch I wonder? This one does – not often – but when she does, she does it well! A lunch date must not be hurried – and it must involve delicious tasting food. A lunch date is best … Continue reading

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2014/4 New Bread

Baked by my loving husband. The aroma alone was nourishing. The taste exquisite,very satisfying. Jesus is known as the bread of life. Nourishing, satisfying -continually refreshing us.

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2014/1 : New Year, new bread, new start,

New bread (well scones) always speaks to me of hope …   Jesus talked about this hope in another way … He told them still another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed … Continue reading

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