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Dos Peregrinas in Finland

My beautiful friend, who has walked the Camino Frances and part of the Portuguese Way (from Porto to Santiago de Compostela) as well as parts of the Camino network in Germany and Switzerland – so definitely a pro! – suggested … Continue reading

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Peregrina Preparatio 4

Pilgrimage 4: SaturdayMay 19 2018 Route: Turku (Itäharju) to Hirvensalo island (and back!) Weather: Warm and Sunny, 20 C, a bit windy I wore cotton shorts and a sleeveless shirt, sunscreen, needed my cap and sunglasses and as earlier I … Continue reading

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Peregrina Preparatio 3

Pilgrimage 3: Monday May 14th 2018 Route: Turku to Naantali (via Raisio Bay,), bus back to town (I slept!) Weather: Hot and Sunny, 20 C early morning, rising to 27 C later in the day I wore cotton shorts, needed … Continue reading

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Peregrina Preparatio 2

On Wednesday I set out with Tinka (our bonus dog) for a second preparatory walk. I had planned to walk from Turku to Naantali (or vice versa) getting a lift or bus one way. My family vetoed that and suggested … Continue reading

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Meet the Peregrina!

I’ve probably been a pilgrim for most of my life – itchy feet are pretty much a give away aren’t they? …  and for decades I’ve been on the move: roaming, searching, hoping for glimpses of God on the way. … Continue reading

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Adopted or Morphed?

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted … about eighteen months. In that time I’ve flown a lot, and learned a lot along the way. The owl is known for wisdom, perception and truth – all fantastic virtues and … Continue reading

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owls and the dark

Most owls are nocturnal – though many prefer the periods of dawn and dusk as these are the best times for hunting down prey. This owl, however, does not like the dark; and while November this year started off very … Continue reading

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