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Missing the Camino

It would be all too easy to wallow in the reality of how much I miss the Camino … but doing that isn’t life-giving. Facts are facts, however, and it’s true to say I have missed the Camino a lot. … Continue reading

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Yesterday I asked a friend What is it that makes you feel (most) alive at the moment? It’s a good question. All too often we ask some variation of the age-old question ‘How are you (really) doing?’ … There’s nothing … Continue reading

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End of year reflections

TEN HIGHLIGHTS 1- Starting the #walk1000milesin2018 having completed it (with ease) in 2017. Walking regularly changed my life last year …and continued to bring joy -and improved health -this year 2. Shetland …it’s been on my list of desires for … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Way : what would I have done differently?

Or, what would I do differently next time :) Remember my decision before the Camino? Never to second guess myself … and To remain assured that whatever decision I made – and no matter how it worked out – was … Continue reading

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Another Day’s Walking

It’s amazing how much you walk in a city! I noticed that on the Camino too of course, but also here in Amsterdam. It’s been a really good way to end my ‘sabbatical’ and absolutely wonderful that my daughter was … Continue reading

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Correos – Spanish post

The Spanish postal service is a lifeline to the Camino though I haven’t used them until today! (other than sending one postcard en route*) Most pilgrims carry their own backpacks for the entire Camino, but some do use a delivery … Continue reading

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Ultreia! Camino Finisterre Day 4: Olveiroa – Cee

I’m sitting here by the sea, in Cee, in shorts and a tshirt with flip flops on, just having had a picnic lunch: a baguette, cheese and ham from the supermarket, a beer, and some fresh fruit for desert. The … Continue reading

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