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Yes it’s a bit of a pun. I’m spending the night on my friend’s’ boat, and tomorrow will walk him (about 22km) with Tinka, our bonus dog, a gorgeous golden retriever as my companion. Before coming on board we sat … Continue reading

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Peregrina Preparatio 5k

I went on a pilgrimage today, in the far north of Scotland, though it started out as a walk. It’s difficult for me to define -exactly- what a difference between a walk or hike and a pilgrimage are (I’m still … Continue reading

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On the Move …

Airports are a time of waiting, not pilgrimage per se … and that offers time to reflect. At Helsinki Vantaa airport there’s an amazing room called Kainuu. It’s a quiet more or less undiscovered spot (near passport control) and I … Continue reading

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Peregrina Preparatio 4

Pilgrimage 4: SaturdayMay 19 2018 Route: Turku (Itäharju) to Hirvensalo island (and back!) Weather: Warm and Sunny, 20 C, a bit windy I wore cotton shorts and a sleeveless shirt, sunscreen, needed my cap and sunglasses and as earlier I … Continue reading

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clear out!

Clear out! This can have two very different meanings in English. It can be a synonym for “clear off!” (Go away, get out of here!) but more usually it means to spring clean, declutter. Yesterday in Helsinki was “siivouspäivä” – … Continue reading

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Kingdom living

Owls are generally solitary animals – but when they do come together they are known as a parliament of owls because of their shared wisdom. That’s an important collective benefit for us humans too. Owls are – in some respects … Continue reading

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the suffragette owl

I watched the film The Suffragette for the third time last night. It’s a film that grows on you – and each time I’ve watched it, I’ve seen and learned something new. And it’s made me think – a lot! … Continue reading

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