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the owl lunches with a friend

Do owls lunch I wonder? This one does – not often – but when she does, she does it well! A lunch date must not be hurried – and it must involve delicious tasting food. A lunch date is best … Continue reading

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273: Pilgrims’ rest

Pilgrim’s Cafe on Lindisfarne is an amazing meeting place – and though I didn’t use it (I had an internet-free retreat) one of the places where there’s wifi for customers. The coffee is fabulous and made with love And they … Continue reading

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189. now that’s old!

1610 – four hundred and two years old. (Stafford, church lane, greengrocers).

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46. people watching

at the British museum struck by how the people are gathered

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31. hidden passageways

  (taken over in Ashbourne last weekend)

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Naantali Spa

Night off with a dear friend at Naantali Spa: nothing like swimming under the stars in midwinter but not freezing!

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vintage tea

There is so much more to tea than I knew. But the secret to waking the tea up is using boiling water not just on the leaves, or in the pot, but in and on every vessel!

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